Museo del Vino – Wine Museum

CHILE, Santiago de Chile – 2010

The architecture of the project is made up of two different elements: the tower and the horizontal gallery. The main path of the museum develops in the horizontal part of the building through first the “sun light rooms”  where the natural light gets into the galleries symbolizing the importance of sun for the grapes.

Step by step the gallery is becoming darker and darker and rooms are made looking like barrels in order to remind to the public that juice of the grapes to become good quality wine needs to be kept in the shadow. One of the best  wine’s container is the oak barrel. These  ‘floating barrels’ are also perceived outside the structure.

The main use of wood in the building is to emphasize the importance of this material for the life of wine.

render 2_1

The tower hosts the two urban balconies from which can be enjoyed the view over the city and the surroundings but also the sky bar, a  place of encounter and enjoying.

The access  either to the museum and to skybar is placed at the base of the tower. By the mean of the two elevators once at the lobby level the visitors can choose to get into the museum or just visit the wine tasting area.

Alessio Carrabino, Valerie Marchetti, Paola Poletti, Andrea Tarantola.

tavola layout


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