One step away from the sky – Sunny Valley Kelo Mountain Lodge

Vision 3.0 | June – July 2018

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Vision 3.0 – year II n. 3
One step away from the sky – Sunny Valley Kelo Mountain Lodge

Close your eyes.
Imagine yourself at a high altitude in an uncontaminated valley, completely white in winter and green in the summer, surrounded by rocky peaks, which alternate with eternal ice. A place where absolute silence is only interrupted by the blowing of the wind, where the total absence of light pollution at night, allows you to touch the celestial vault with a finger, where solitude is tangible but in its most positive meaning; that of introspection and meditation. These are all situations which are now very difficult to achieve in our daily metropolitan lives and which are moments that in their simplicity have now become exclusive circumstances.

Yet, they are emotions which we can still rediscover, also thanks to the entrepreneurial passion of the brothers Guido and Beppe Bonseri, which is firmly rooted in the Valtellina territory andis perfectly respectful of the environment. The Sunny Valley Kelo Mountain Lodge is a unique chalet, immersed in theNational Stelvio Park, situated at 2700 meters of altitude and surrounded by mountainous chains belonging to the Ortler-Cevedale-Adamello group. It is accessible thanks to the cableway that departs from Santa Caterina Valfurva, 10 minutes away from Bormio, or even by bob cat or jeep service, depending on the season. It is a structure which does not flaunt luxury but rather perfectly integrates it in the relationship with the surrounding environment, in a dialogue made of materials, perfumes, colors and traditions. It is a dream, which became reality over the course of 10 years, thanks to the synergy of the Valtellina-based artisans and Sami workers who integrated and fused together their knowledge of high-altitude construction techniques. In fact, the wood used, Kelo, comes from the forests north of the Arctic Circle. They are fir trees which after their life cycle (which varies between 300 and 500 years) begin a slow drying process, which terminates 50 or even 100 years later. During this long period of time, also due to the low temperatures and strong winds, the trees lose branches and bark. It is only at that point that they are cut off. The result is a material, which does not require any type of additional treatment and is Eco-sustainable, resistant and possesses extremely high thermal insulation. In the structure, there is no cement, as other more natural materials are used such a local rock, which is used for the foundations and part of the walls and also larch shingles used for the roof. Even the furniture manages to combine the charm of the past with contemporary comfort. Yet, it is precisely the resin and lichen aromas, which to this day are still secreted by the trunks, that engage our senses and confuse the division between outside and inside, between what is built and what is natural. This impression is further amplified by the large panoramic windows that frame the majestic view of the Alps at 360°.

The resort is composed of 11 exclusive suites, with a wellness area which goes from Middle-Eastern hammam to the dry and intense heat of the ‘Savusauna’ (ideal for regenerating after an entire day spent outdoors) and an area with bars and restaurants. The gourmet dinner, served in the most reserved area of the resort is priceless due to its excellent ingredients, which when appropriately combined, release perfumes and tastes capable of reinterpreting traditional recipes and surprising our palate.At the Sunny Valley Mountain Lodge, you will be able to recharge and fully satisfy, both in winter and in summer, your passion for outdoor activities and experience unforgettable memories such as toasting with drinks at 3000m of altitude illuminated by the pink light of sunset when the cable ways are halted, or being the first to step onto a ski slope, or travel through the Great War’s mule tracks on foot or on an MTB.

I was a guest of Sunny Valley Kelo Mountain Lodge in January 2018


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  1. The beauty of these mountains is reflected throughout the lodge, which is completely constructed in local stone and Lapland fir trees. The lodge is visible only when the cable car tops the Sobretta crest, and then the expanse of scenery in front of you will take your breath away: a valley that is all white in winter and green in summer, surrounded by rocky peaks alternating with the year-round ice that carved their shapes. It is right there, in the centre of this valley, where you will find everything you need: hospitality, a cordial setting, relaxation, sports, wellness and wild, uncontaminated nature: you are in the heart of the largest national park in Europe, the Stelvio National Park .


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